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Fachada Bodega Libre y Salvaje

Libre y Salvaje, a winery rooted in Almonacid de la Sierra, stands in an enclave where tradition and nature come together. With respect for the land and its fruits, we cultivate century-old vines in a privileged environment, surrounded by inspiring landscapes.

Our commitment to traditional production is reflected in minimal oenological intervention, allowing each variety to reach its maximum expression.


We grow old mountain vines, worked with the utmost care and precision, using organic farming and regenerative techniques.

Our commitment to the land is manifested through organic farming, where each vine is treated with the utmost care. In addition, we implement regenerative techniques that seek to revitalise the wine-growing ecosystem, allowing biodiversity to live in harmony with the vines.

Each step in the cultivation process is imbued with a deep connection to the land and a dedication to quality and sustainability.

Viñedo - Barranco de La Hermana


The winery is located in the historic town of Almonacid de la Sierra, deep in the Sierra de Algairén, Aragón. A quincentennial winery with four levels that allows us to produce by gravity, taking maximum care of the grapes and the wine, which is subsequently raised in caves taking advantage of an ideal temperature and humidity, in a natural and sustainable way.

With four designed levels, we take advantage of gravity to make our wines, guaranteeing a delicate handling of the grapes and must at each stage of the process. Once fermented, our wine rests in the depths of ancient caves, where the temperature and humidity conditions are optimal for ageing. This method, based on the history and geography of the region, allows us to maintain a natural and sustainable environment.

If you would like to visit our vineyard and winery, come and visit us at Libre y Salvaje!

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