Organic wines, artisanal flavour

Freestyle, wild vines

The winery is located in the historic village of Almonacid de la Sierra, nestled in the Sierra de Algairén, Aragón. D.O.P Cariñena.

Recovery is the essence of Libre y Salvaje. Creating wines from landscapes that speak of a unique land is our passion. There is only one rule: follow the law of nature, with the minimum intervention to achieve the maximum expression.

Our wines

Imagen de un lote de vinos de pueblo de la bodega Libre y Salvaje, con botellas que destacan por su diseño rústico y auténtico.




Because in life, the best is
always free and wild.

Imagen de un lote de vinos de alta calidad provenientes de una parcela específica, exhibidos en botellas elegantes.


When the hard road
leads higher

Because life is Free and Wild

Visit us and live an unforgettable experience in our Libre y Salvaje winery.

Explore our facilities, discover the secrets of how our wines are made and immerse yourself in the fusion of tradition and innovation that characterises us.

For any reservations and enquiries about our visits, we are here to help you.

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